Rant in d minor

Pardon me good sir, madam, or enby – please brace thyself for a rant

Today I went to 3 different shops, a boutique, a big box store, and an outlet. In each shop, I ended up with at least one item from the “straight size” section and tried on the largest size they offered, and at least one item from the “plus size” section and tried on the smallest size they offered. NOT ONE SINGLE article of clothing fit. NOT ONE. The largest straight size was too small and the smallest plus size was too large. According to the internet, I’m the average American woman, like the exact right in the middle there average. SO PLEASE FUCKING EXPLAIN TO ME HOW THERE ARE NO CLOTHES FOR AVERAGE. according to every fashion designer or boutique clothing buyer I am far too large for “normal” but honey don’t you even look over here at these cute as hell “plus” clothes because you ain’t one of us either. I have been fat-shamed repeatedly by the yoga community for not juice fasting my way into size four Lululemons and I have been small shamed by bigger girls in plus stores any time my not quite fat enough for you ass tries to find a goddamn dress for work. I have a body! I have credit cards! I want to spend money I don’t have to in YOUR store! don’t you want my imaginary money so you can continue to live in your capitalist fantasy world?!?! DONT YOU!?!? here I am living in this body and I exist this way but DO I?!?! If no one anywhere ever will make garments that will somehow cover this too small and too large at the same time body, DO I EVEN EXIST!??!?!! and yes I know that there are bigger fucking problems. the world is ACTUALLY ON FIRE and our government is torturing children and NO this doesn’t at all matter in the big picture but goddamnit I just want to NOT feel like a too fat yet somehow too small wildebeest for ONE. FUCKING. DAY. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FROM YOU AMERICA?!?!?!??! IS IT!?!?!?!?! 

end rant transmission.