a yoga story

In the summer of 1998 I had just turned 20, and I was miserable. I had a series of health issues/ scares through my late teens that had led to me being a complete couch potato. I felt sick and tired all the time and I was straight psycho – crazy anxiety, snapping at people all the time, angry and depressed. One day one of my friends goes – jesus Leigh! You are going to have a heart attack before you’re 25! Go to yoga or something! And me being me I took it as a challenge, so I did. This was way before yoga was cool, there weren’t special $108 pants or anything, and I had to order my mat and my first yoga VHS tape out of a hippie catalog over the phone #truestory. I practiced Power Yoga for Beginners with Rodney Yee everyday for about 3 months, then I found a gym with yoga classes and a cheap per month deal so I signed up. My first actual class was crazy hard, as my VHS tape couldn’t check my alignment for me so I was a hot mess. But I stopped wanting to kill everyone around me and started having energy again, and I kept practicing. And here we are.