The New Pain Scale

Since my hip injury, I have been dealing with and thinking about the idea of pain a lot. How some people have different tolerance levels, etc. and I have decided the scale of 1-10 thing for “how bad is the pain?” they ask you when you go to the doc for something is really unsatisfactory. I have a pretty high pain tolerance so I’m always like- I don’t know five? So I created this new pain scale based on my own personal experience.

*Well this is lame

*Really? Really? we’re doing this now?

*like having to listen to that Celine Dion song from Titanic

*like having to watch Titanic

*small tattoo somewhere squishy like a thigh

*large tattoo somewhere more exciting

*stepping on a Lego


*having a spinal tap

*the exact moment your heart breaks

On a scale of this is lame to heartbreak, I’m currently at Celine Dion. See? Isn’t that better?